Support the Museum

The Museum of Painting of Saint-Frajou is a small museum which aims to protect the artistic wealth and the variety of the region, to allow the artists to show their works and to make sensitive in the art a very wide public in a region which possesses few establishments dedicated to the art.

Any contribution, even modest, will allow the Museum to achieve these missions.

Each, private individual or company, has the faculty to join so the history of the museum which is there today at its beginnings.

Through this relation the Museum of Saint-Frajou will reserve for you a privileged reception and will show you its gratitude.

To donate you can contact the Friends of the Museum of Painting of Saint-Frajou:

Mr. Jean-Claude Barousse

by e.mail, go to page: The friends of the museum >> Registration

or by phone : 0033 ( 0 ) 5 61 79 20 28


Any payment in cash gives the right to a tax reduction on the taxable net income in France, (a certificate will be delivered to you).

  • Private individuals:
    Every made donation opens straight ahead to a tax reduction on the income equal in 66 % of its amount, within the limits of 20 % of the taxable income.
  • Companies:
    The donations of general interest open straight ahead to a tax reduction equal to 60 % of their amount with a unique ceiling of 5 % of the turnover of the company out of tax.
Montant du don Coût net après
réduction fiscale
500 € 166,67 €
200 € 66,67 €
100 € 33,34 €
50 € 16,67

Valid tax reduction for the French fiscal homes only, on a base of 66 % of tax reduction within the limits of 20 % of taxable incomes.