The Museum

The museum of painting of Saint-Frajou is created in 2010.
It is situated in the building of the former school in the entrance of the square of the village.


Presentation by Georges Tomasi, Mayor of Saint-Frajou, appeared in the municipal bulletin of August, 2010.

A museum in project...

The municipality of Saint-Frajou has just received in donation thirty paintings of the painter Ksenia Milicevic, graduated of Architecture and Town planning and Plastic arts, who has already displayed her works in Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Italy, France....


So that these works are approachable to a maximum of persons, the municipality of Saint-Frajou wishes to create a municipal museum of painting.
This museum will present a permanent collection constituted by 30 paintings of the artist and, in different periods of the year, the museum can welcome temporary exhibitions of painting, sculpture...
These temporary exhibitions will allow various artists to expose their works and to make them discover to the public.

In which building welcome the museum.

The building of the former municipal school, situated in the entrance of the village, on the secondary road D 52, constitutes the shop window of Saint-Frajou.
It thus seems to the municipality that it would be convenient to settle this museum of painting in this building.
Furthermore, it is easily accessible and the municipality has a parking lot in front of the building.

The Management of the museum

The municipality wishes to delegate the management of the museum to the Association of

" Friends of the Museum of Painting of Saint-Frajou "

Which public?

The museum of paint of Saint-Frajou would constitute the first museum of painting of the canton of Isle-en-Dodon and would so allow to create a cultural attraction.
It could also interest the tourists during summer periods and the municipality could maybe set up a connection with schools and college of the canton to realize school visits.

Some works are to be planned

Before being able to install this museum, some works are to be planned, in particular the repair of the ceiling, the creation of toilets, the internal and outside paints and the stake in the standards of the electricity.
The council wishes that a big part of these works have to be realized in public work contracting (except the electricity).

Phases of transformation of the Museum