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Permanent collection - painting and drawing by Ksenia Milicevic

CONTEST MASCOT for the 6° Biennial - BEE called Maya        1° AWARD








12 ans











See : www.biennale-saint-frajou.com


Because of COVID-19, the 7th Art Resilience Exhibition is organized online (Internet)

The 1st meeting of members of Art Resilience, by videoconference on Saturday March 27, was a great success. Artists from all four sides of the world were able to follow presentations by 11 participants and then dialogue.



 You can see the exhibition HERE

International children's biennial 2020

Due to COVID-19 the exhibition of the International Biennial of Children's Painting is presented online.

 Melina Cala de  13 ans, Berati, Albanie
Melina Cala de 13 ans, Berati, Albanie





Since 2019 is permanently open the exhibition of children's paintings from 35 countries.



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