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We propose you some works commented of the permanent collection.

On an island where the air loads 1998 (Mallarmé)

( Oil on canvas, 120 x 80 cms.)
( Oil on canvas, 120 x 80 cms.)
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In search of the unity of the oppositions, this painting centres on the organization of the space through the dynamic and static forms. By the combination of the géometrisme and the flexibility of vegetables it suggests the balance between the nature and the works of the man.

The search of harmony on the painting sends back farther to the harmony with the nature, between the men and on the psychological plan.

The round of the vanities 1994

(Oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm.)
(Oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm.)
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This paint contains a quotation; the green piece to the right is a part of the dress of the painting: " the Couple Arnolfini " of Jan van Eyck of 1434.

The quotation, the introduction of an element from an other board, as quotations in the literature, is a phenomenon running enough in the contemporary paint.

Its origin is connected to deep changes in the thoughts arisen following the various discoveries at the beginning of XX ème century in the field of the mathematics, the physics, the biology as well as to the advent of the psychoanalysis.

The paint which shows itself through the relationship of the man with the world was ejected by a stable, unchanging structure on which it was based, it means, the vision of the world which prevailed during centuries (in Western countries).

In front of a moving, uncertain, unpredictable world, its vision submitted to our subjectivity, for the artist, the task becomes extremely difficult.

The paint shows itself, makes itself visible by a shape, and this shape is given by the relationship between a community and the world. A coherent and collective relationship, and it is this relationship which does not exist any more. The world burst to smithereens.

In this context, the current artist has three possibilities:

In the first place, break the frame of the paint and join this violence of uncertainties and elaborate works being characterized by their deliberate ugliness, violence or vulgarity.

Secondly, withdraw on his subjectivity and create works without any relationship, distinguishing itself by the peculiarity and touching the ornamental, the kitsch or the spectacular.

And the third case of painter which tries to catch up the fragments of the world which have been ours, where come from the quotations of the great masters of past, myths and landscapes of former days.

The stories in the stories, the landscapes in the landscapes. Restick cracks to make a group which could again go on the paint by ricochet.and allow the paint to display its aesthetic power.

The quotation so connects the current paint with what it has of intrinsic in spite of all the breaks arisen during more than a century.

Ksenia Milicevic

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The unfinished offering 1987

Of the series Four seasons for an Eve

(Oil on canvas, 120 x 80 cm.)
(Oil on canvas, 120 x 80 cm.)
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In the foreground the unfinished painting on the easel, a copy of Master, participates in the opening of the in-depth space, but because of the completely opened sky it pulls down the glance which have run away in the direction of the row of palm trees at the top of the paint, forwards, establishing so through this movement a space and a time.

The landscape is imaginary, but while it was painted, the sea was quite close and its salty flavor reached the workshop.