Boy's school building of Saint-Frajou was built at the beginning of XX ° century.

On June 28th, 1833, the law Guizot imposes on the municipalities of more than 500 inhabitants to finance boys' school.

On July 23, 1836, extension of the law Guizot to girls, without communal obligation.

June 16th, 1881, and March 28th, 1882 the laws Ferry  establish the free, laic and compulsory public primary education.

The emergence of specifically school architecture is late in the history of the architecture, contrary to the military, religious architectures or of the housing environment.
Indeed, until XIXth century, there is almost no specifically school construction in France, set apart the construction of some big middle schools or high schools.

It is to note, besides, that until this time, the models of buildings, mainly inspired by the forms of castles or mansions, were used in a exchangeable way, whatever is the function: high school, hospital or barracks.
Finally, the representative and monumental character of the public buildings took it in the conception of buildings on the functional considerations of each of them.


Clément Keller